Baby spinach salad

Now, I know it might seem a little bit odd and it’s also out of  of season.  But it’s just too good not to share.

All you need is baby spinach, strawberries, walnuts, olive oil (might be chili infused oil to add some spiciness, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt & pepper.

Mix the sauce  and… tah-dah! All ready to go into your bowl. Just remember to crush the nuts a little bit (by hand is good enough, especially if you’re a climber). You might also want to toast them to enhance the flavor but I’m not sure of what it does to their nutritional value.

Oh, and don’t worry that you’re not eating meat with your salad. Baby spinach contains forty percent of pure protein plus vitamins and minerals. So as long as you it loads of it,  it counts for a proper meal. (I mean, I really hope it does… or I’ll wake up hungry in the middle of the might!)



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